lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

England on video

Here you can see a video with a lot of graphic information on England and its history. I hope you' ll enjoy it. It's a bit long, but it's worth watching it.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen is Head of State of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth realms. The elder daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, she was born in 1926 and became Queen at the age of 25, and has reigned through more than five decades of enormous social change and development. The Queen is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and has four children and eight grandchildren. (Photograph and Text taken from The Official Website of the British Mornarchy)

Lyrics Training is a website where you can learn English while watching, listening and filling the gaps of the lyrics of your favourtie songs. It's worthwhile taking a good look at it. There are new songs every day. Take part in the competition. It's good fun!

Welcome to Enjoy and Learn

Welcome to Enjoy and Learn! This is a new blog where you will find articles and links to materials that you can use to enjoy and learn English